SEO Doesn’t Work Until You Work

Many new website owners are eager to have their site rank high on Google searches. Three words “pump your brakes.”

SEO is a concept that has many rules. A big one is content. Google loves content and if your site is static and doesn’t have circulating content, your site will fall behind the competition. Content, constant flow, industry related, see where I’m going? In case you don’t, I’m talking about blogs, social media and content sharing. Here’s how and why:

Blogs are a way to constantly fill your site with new content. Write blogs that are valuable to your industry. Give tips, advise, and your opinion. Be sure to use industry specific words when writing. This will make your site appear content rich when users search for key words in Google.

Next, social media and sharing. It’s common for users to operate more frequently on social media than their website. All you have to do is pick up your phone. Why not take advantage of that? By embedding a social media feed on your site, the content you post on social media will count as content for your site by Google’s standards. Awesome right? Even better, if you don’t have ideas to post just repost and share industry leaders’ posts.

Last but not least. Make sure your content has quality. Another factor is attracting and keep visitors. If your article has good information but the leading image is horrible, no one is going to stay for long. Another growing trend in content marketing is videos. Hopefully this will help someone struggling with getting a higher ranking on Google. Your SEO does not work unless you work.

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